What is the surplus of the Excedentes Platform? This point was the beging of the graphical analysis of the last identity, coming to the conclusion that the logo was directly related to the first contest: a bag of biodegradable polyethylene. Once the surplus (in this case, graphic surplus) of the last identity was found, it was transformed into a new use. To this end, a series of previously defined parameters were applied on the previous logo based on the winning project of the first contest. An identity based on the philosophy of the Platform: give a new use to surplus materials.

Feat Carlos Torres
Project led by Wizyu and Estudio Disolvente
Excedentes (in spanish means surpluses) is a collaborative platform that was born in 2015 with the aim of promoting a sustainable industry by recovering, transforming and giving new use to industrial waste; Extending their useful life and returning them to the market in the form of new products.
The main challenge of this redesign has been generate a more functional and durable image over time, which also promotes the Excedentes platform philosophy: develop a new product from industrial waste.